Relio² User Manual

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Here you can learn how to master your Relio² devices and unleash their full potential, by reading our step-by-step, fully illustrated guide.

Safety Notes

Intended use
Relio² is a high performance, ultra-high CRI LED light powered via USB.
It is conceived to be used as a portable or static illuminator, for domestic and professional use.

Do not stare into the high-power beam, nor power-up the device without any lens installed. Do not activate the “Strobo Mode” if you are sensible to high-frequency light flashes. Do not use with wet hands or in damp environments. If operating conditions are not met, or you notice an unattended behaviour, stop using the light. Not suitable for use by children, as it contains small parts.
Relio² should be serviced by professionals only.
For further information, consult our sales terms.

PDF Booklet
Always read the following PDF booklet before first use!
Download it here.

Assembly Instructions

Lamp module attachment

Relio² is equipped with a standard photographic UNC 1/4-20 socket. Just use your hand to mount, unmount and rotate the light module on its stand.
Do not overtighten the bolt, it's not necessary.

Main bolt assembly

The mounting bolt is equipped with two differently-sized o-rings. Place the smaller one is on bolt’s handle side, and the bigger one between the main rod and the light module.
Spare o-rings are included into the package.

Base plate overview

The Base plate is what allows Relio² to be mounted on desks, shelves, walls, ceilings and magnetic surfaces.
If your target surface is non-ferrous, you can use the four included metal washers to make it magnetic.
Use the slotted notch only for temporary installations, as it s not as stable as a fixed, magnetic attachment.

Base caps removal (1/2)

To free-up all the three slots on the Base plate, you have to uninstall the stainless-steel caps that cover them.
They’re secured with an o-ring. Just push from the bottom to expel. Be careful not to lose the o-ring.

Base caps removal (2/2)

Grab the freed-up cap from the top. Again, be careful not to lose the o-ring.
To reinstall, just follow the steps in reverse.

Base magnets removal

Neodymium magnets installed on the Base plate are very powerful. If you do not want them close to your professional equipment (mechanical hard-disks, reflex cameras, credit cards, etc.) you can remove them by using the hex key included into the package.
Warning! Neodymium magnets are very brittle. Be careful when removing them. Do it one at a time, and keep them very far away from eachother. If they crash together, they will break.

Main rod removal (1/2)

To swap the main square rod to a smaller or longer one, use the hex key included into the package.
Tighten securely, otherwise the rod will become loose.

Main rod removal (2/2)

Be also careful not to scratch the Base plate surface while performing a rod swap. If desired, use a soft cloth to shield the surface while detaching the rod.

Main rod swivel (1/4)

To add a second degree of rotational freedom, you can install a big o-ring between the Base plate and the rod. The additional o-ring is included into the package.

Main rod swivel (2/4)

After placing the o-ring inside the Base slot, start to screw the rod by hand while holding the rod screw with your finger.

Main rod swivel (3/4)

Tighten the rod by hand, stopping when you notice that the o-ring is starting to compress and oppose the rod rotation.

Main rod swivel (4/4)

With the o-ring installed, you’ll be able to swivel the rod by ±45º.

Desk counterweight (1/3)

To prepare your Desk kit for intallation, you have to start by installing the heavy stainless-steel counterweight on the medium-sized rod (the one with 3 holes) included in your Base kit.
Start by locating the very small o-ring included into your Desk kit package.

Desk counterweight (2/3)

Place this small o-ring around the counterweight’s thread, while keeping the assembly in a vertical position not to lose the o-ring.

Desk counterweight (3/3)

With the small o-ring in place, screw the counterweight into the medium rod.

Desk assembly (1/2)

Now take the main nut-and-bolt stainless-steel hinge that comes with your Desk kit package.
Install the long rod onto the Base plate, by firmly tightening the rod’s screw.
Assemble the two rods as shown in the picture, by taking care of placing all the three o-rings as shown in the picture.

Desk assembly (2/2)

Now tighten the nut-and-bolt hinge by hand.
Do not overtighten the hinge, as you’ll generate unnecessary strain on the o-rings. Tighten as much as it’s needed to keep the rods firmly in place.

Magnetic cable disconnect

To disconnect the magnetic cable, bend it by 45º and pull it away.
If you pull in a straight line instead, you’ll probably pull out the magnetic bit too.

Magnetic plug maintenance (1/2)

The magnetic cable and magnetic end bit are, indeed, magnetic.
If you work in dirty environment, the magnetic cable assembly may collect dust and become non-functional. Clean both ends with a dry brush to remove any trace of dust. If not enough, use compressed air (at moderate pressure).

Magnetic plug maintenance (2/2)

Do not clean the magnetic bit with water, solvents or chemicals.
Do not use the magnetic cable if you intend to use Relio² in dirty environments. Opt for a classic, fixed USB cable instead. A beautiful 3m nylon-braided fixed USB cable is included into the Base kit package.

Magnetic bit removal (1/2)

If you want to use a fixed USB cable, you have to remove the magnetic bit first.
With the magnetic cable assembly in place, start to wiggle the plug left and right.
The magnetic bit should become loose, so that you can pull it away.

Magnetic bit removal (2/2)

When the magnetic bit is removed, a standard microUSB socket is ready to host and standard USB plug.
Use only high-current USB cables, otherwise Relio² may malfunction or become less bright because it’s not getting enough power.

Lens change

To swap the the lenses, unscrew the light module cap with the included hex key.
Do not overtighten the cap screws, as it’s unnecessary.
Do not touch the clear side of the lens, you may scratch it.
Place the new lens carefully in its slot, and align the cap so that you don't need any force to close it. If you notice that the cap does not align properly, do not force the assembly! Remove the cap and re-align the lens. If you force the assembly, you may damage the lens or the LED component.

How to recognize the lenses

It’s easy! Each lens has a specific upper pattern. This animation shows you how to distinguish them.
The 90º lens is included into the #DESK kit only.
60º and 90º lenses are very similar if you look at their top. To distinguish them, look at their bottom: 60º is thinner, 90º is noticeably larger.
Do not touch the clear side of the lens, you may scratch it.

Technical Specifications

Properties shared by the whole Relio² lineup
Model number R401
Available wavelengths 3500K, 4000K, 5700K, 660nm, 590nm, 520nm, 470nm, 450nm, 850nm, 1050nm, full- spectrum IR850~1050nm, 360nm, 395nm
CPU ARM Cortex M0 32bit 40MHz, with integrated Bluetooth® LE 4.2 antenna
Certification standards CE, FCC, RoHS, Bluetooth SIG, CRI, TLCI, CQS, TM-30-15, CIE1931, CIE1976, IEC- SDCM
Calibration device Asensetek Lightning Passport Pro
  • Wavelength: ±0.5nm
  • X,Y: ± 0.002 @ 1000lux
  • Lux: ±3%
  • CCT: ±2%
Spectrometries are public Yes Light Quality Report available to download
LED lamp predicted life >50000h At ambient temperatures up to 40ºC
Total MTBF >200000h Estimated
LED is upgradeable in the future Yes We‘ll contact our customers when new LED modules will become available (TBD)
Optics type TIR + Honeycomb pattern
Optics material Clear PMMA Heat-resistant up to 80ºC
Optics aperture (nominal) 10º, 25º, 60º, 90º, 10×70º Nominal aperture, not FWHM
Optics are user-swappable Yes Via the included Hex-key tool
Optics are upgradeable in the future Yes
Body materials AL 6082 “Anticorodal“ aluminum alloy, AISI 316L low-carbon stainless steel alloy
Surface treatment MIL-A-8625F Spec. Type III sulfuric acid hard-anodizing, 30µm, carbon black
Magnets attraction force 9.32kgf total 4 magnets, 2.33kgf each
Magnets are user-removable Yes Via the included Hex-key tool
Power supply
  • +4 ~ +15V DC
  • Continuous protection: ±25V
  • Transient protection (0.1s): ±60V
  • Overshoot protection (10ms): 20kV
Logic-level input
  • +3V ~ +5V DC
  • Continuous protection: ±25V
  • Transient protection (0.1s): ±60V
  • Overshoot protection (10ms): 20kV
  • Logic-level input is on USB Data+ pin; USB Data- pin is NC
Power consumption 5Wh @ 100% brightness
Body-radiated heat 2W @ 100% brightness; estimated, not including visible light energy emitted by the LED
Temperature, Operating 0ºC ~ 60ºC Temperature gradient (non-condensing): 20ºC/h
Temperature, Non-Operating -20ºC ~ 70ºC Temperature gradient (non-condensing): 30ºC/h
Dust and water resistance IP53 With magnetic microUSB plug-end inserted, otherwise IP42
Integrated battery No
LED light ripple <2% @ 750kHz @ full range of brightness, using a high-quality power source
Total electrical efficiency ~90% @ 100% brightness
Flicker-free up to 10000 fps
Light control Pure current drive No PWM modulation
External, logic-level brightness control PWM @ 20kHz Incoming PWM is RC-integrated to a voltage curve
Bluetooth App iOS, Android Google Chrome® web browser controller is coming soon thanks to Chrome’s implementation of WebBLE APIs
Bluetooth range 10m Up to 5m inside, up to 10m outside; varies depending on environment, placement and control device used
Bluetooth antenna can be switched off Yes Achieved by enabling “Secure Mode” inside Relio² App
Bluetooth license Yes, official Bluetooth SIG license ID: D039827
Brightness dimming curve Proprietary Inspired by CIE1931 scotopic curve
Integrated thread UNC 1/4-20 US ANSI B 1.1 standard, 7mm length
Bluetooth API is public Yes BLE API documentation available to download
Published 3D accessories license Creative-Commons-CC
Engineering and manufacturing Made in Italy
TARIC import code for customs declaration HARM Code: Description:
Photographic flashlight apparatus
Properties specific to Relio² CCT variant - 4000K
CCT 4047K ±50K tolerance, with 10º optic installed
CRI (Ra) 95
CRI (Re) 92
CQS 94
TM-30-15 Rf 91
TM-30-15 Rg 98
CIE1931 x = 0.3793, y = 0.3788
CIE1976 x = 0.2235, y = 0.5023
IEC-SDCM <1 SDCM 1-step MacAdam Ellipse
Illumination 39731 lux @ 0.25m With 10º optic installed
PPFD (400-700nm) 625.44 μmol/m2s With 10º optic installed
Properties specific to Relio² CCT variant - 3500K
CCT 3527K ±50K tolerance, with 10º optic installed
CRI (Ra) 95
CRI (Re) 93
CQS 96
TM-30-15 Rf 95
TM-30-15 Rg 99
CIE1931 x = 0.4093, y = 0.4051
CIE1976 x = 0.2235, y = 0.5023
IEC-SDCM 5 SDCM 5-step MacAdam Ellipse
Illumination 49243 lux @ 0.25m With 10º optic installed
PPFD (400-700nm) 782.25 μmol/m2s With 10º optic installed
Properties specific to Relio² CCT variant - 5700K
CCT 5719K ±50K tolerance, with 10º optic installed
CRI (Ra) 93
CRI (Re) 90
CQS 92
TM-30-15 Rf 91
TM-30-15 Rg 98
CIE1931 x = 0.3275, y = 0.3432
CIE1976 x = 0.2235, y = 0.5023
IEC-SDCM 3 SDCM 3-step MacAdam Ellipse
Illumination 59607 lux @ 0.25m With 10º optic installed
PPFD (400-700nm) 929.13 μmol/m2s With 10º optic installed
Relio² Package content - BASE Kit
1x Relio² light unit (35x35x35mm, 80g)
1x Magnetic, anti-slip base with 4x removable neodymium magnets and 2x stainless steel caps
1x 80mm mounting rod
1x 125mm mounting rod
1x Squared bolt with spare EPDM O-rings for coupling the lamp unit with the mounting rods
4x Interchangeable lenses: 10º, 25º, 60º (installed by default), 10×70º nominal
1x 1.5m anti-snag and anti-tangle magnetic nylon cable
1x 3.0m anti-tangle gold-plated premium nylon cable
2x Hex keys to assemble and service the Kit
1x Information card with links to the free, official smartphone apps (iOS, Android)
1x Chromatic calibration card
1x Information card with link to the official user manual (read the manual)
1x Template liner card to correctly drill the wall-mounting holes (download a PDF copy here)
4x Nickel-plated countersunk washers for mounting on non-ferrous surfaces
1x Premium protective carrying box (160x160x85mm, 750g incl. product and accessories)
Relio² Package content - DESK Kit
All the content of the Base Kit, PLUS:
1x 270mm mounting rod
1x Screw-on counterweight, stainless steel
1x Central nut-and-bolt hinge system with spare EPDM O-rings
1x Large aperture optic, 90º nominal
1x Protective carrying tube (310x40mm, 250g incl. product and accessories)
Properties specific to other wavelengths or limited-edition kits
You can ask for additional details and specifications by contacting us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Relio² kit?

Currently, Relio² is sold exclusively on this website.

Does it have an internal battery?

No. We want Relio² to withstand years and years of 24/7 use. An internal battery in such a small and powerful device would be able to power Relio² for just 15 minutes at full brightness, with a lifetime spanning no more than 6 months. Name - if you can - one product with an integrated, non-removable battery that’s still 100% funcional after years of use...

How do I power it up?

Via the external microUSB connector. Every USB outlet in the world capable of providing at least 1A of current is suitable.

Why does Relio² still have a microUSB plug instead of the newer USB-C?

The answer is simple: maximum cable length and cord flexibiity. USB-C is born to transport a lot of data channels, so the internal wire count is 4x more, making it very thick and more rigid. For the same reason, USB-C cables lenght is limited to 2m. In the Relio² Base Kit package, we include 1x 1.5m magnetic, nylon-braided microUSB cable and 1x premium, gold-plated, nylon-braided 3m microUSB cable from a premium brand.

Can I use USB-C to USB-A, or USB-C to microUSB adapters?

Yes, of course.

Is the magnetic cable user-replaceable?

Yes. Contact us for a suitable replacement.

What if I use Relio² a lot and some parts wear out?

We engineered all the Relio² parts subject to normal-use wear and tear to be of common availability. Contact us for suitable replacements.

Does it have a manufacturer warranty? What does it cover?

We offer 2 years of manufacturer warranty on our terms of use and warranty. Please consult our sales terms for details.

How much power does Relio² draw?

1A at 5V DC. Since it integrates a step-down buck converter capable of up to 15V DC, power consumption at higher voltages will be less.

Can I power it up with a car battery or other sources of electricity?

Yes. Every source ranging from 4 to 15V DC is suitable. Input lines are protected from overvoltage and reverse bias. For more info, please consult the manual or our technical specifications.

Is it water resistant?

Yes, moderately up to IP53. For more info, please consult the manual or our technical specifications.

How many units can be operated through the smartphone App?

On iOS, we successfully tested up to 16 devices. On Android, it varies depending on the platform (around 5 units). Please note that aggregate brightness control function is still in development.

Can I develop a custom Bluetooth BLE application?

Yes. You can refer to our BLE API documentation. Please note that developing commercial applications is not permitted unless an explicit consent is received by us. Please contact us for more info.

I need assistance and documentation on how to operate Relio² via an external, wired microcontroller like the Arduino®.

We will provide you with full documentation on how to operate Relio² through logic-level signals. Please contact us for more info.

I need assistance in determining how many Relio² kits I need for my work.

We can do digital simulations tailored to your environment. Drop us a message via the contact form.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, with some limitations in some remote areas. If you don't see your Country listed in the shipping form, please contact us.

You said that the LED will be upgradeable. How will you handle that?

This is a commitment and we will honour it in case the technology advances. All the future LED upgrades will be backwards-compatible, so you'll be able to ship your Relio² kits back to us for the upgrade, for a minimal servicing fee.

Can I disassemble the LED and eletronics by myself?

Yes, and it's rather easy to do, but the warranty will be voided.

I accidentally damaged something in my unit. Are spare parts available for sale?

Yes, depending on stock availability. Please contact us and we will help you.

Do you sell physical versions of your 3D-printable accessories?

Currently no, but we partnered with some local and international suppliers that will be able to 3D-print and ship them to you. Please contact us for more info.

I want to sell your 3D-printable accessories.

Yes, why not? We release all our accessories under the Creative Commons CC-BY-4.0 license, so you are free to do that. Please remember that you have to mention us on your sales page. Also, please note that we may also link to 3rd-party items, and they may not share the same license terms of our own accessories. Always check the license bundled with each accessory that you download.

I want to be a reseller of your product.

Sure. Drop us a message via the contact form.

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Let’s know each-other!

We’re a super-small company that listens to its users.
You can help us make a difference.

Send us a message to unlock all our technical documentation.

The download links will appear immediately.

Let’s know each-other!

We’re a super-small company that listens to its users.
You can help us make a difference.

Send us a message to unlock all our technical documentation.

The download links will appear immediately.

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