The best accessories you can buy: the ones you don’t have to.

We are the first manufacturer to offer official, 3D-printable accessories to download for free.

We anticipate a future trend: repurposing technology to make it more sustainabile.

More than an instrument.

Relio² is meant to be the most versatile illuminator ever.

Make it even better, by 3D-printing our already-engineered accessories.

Beautiful, open-source, and free.

We release all our accessories under the Creative Commons CC-BY-4.0 license, so that you can build upon, improve, manufacture and even sell them with no limitations.

Engineered to be easily printable by entry-level FDM® 3D printers, they'll push your Relio² beyond the limits.

Light Polarizer

A rotatable holder for polarized film.
Used in cross-polarization photography projects in conjunction with linear polarizers applied on camera lenses.
Best suited for scientific photography where you have to eliminate any kind of reflection from your shots.



A honeycombed cover that reduces the emitted beam width.
Used in scenarios where you want to keep spurious glare at a minimum.


Barn Doors

A set of barn doors used to shield the emitted beam.
This accessory is hinged, so you can move the flaps the way you want.
Used in scenarios where you want to asymmetrically shape the beam by filtering lateral spurious emissions.



A generic film holder best matched with frosted paper.
Used to soften the emitted beam.
For best luminous efficiency, it's advised to paint the internals with white or matte-silver paint.


Gel Holder

A small holder used to attach colored gels.
Can also be used with other gels, like polarized ones.


Bull’s Eye Beam Shaper

A Bull’s Eye emulator, that restricts spurious rays in a circular shape, thus giving the idea of a theatrical bull's eye projector.
In conjunction with the narrow optics, it produces incredibly natural-looking light flares when filmed with high-end cameras.


UNC Tripod Adapters

A set of adapters to attach one to four modules on standard photographic tripods.
The UNC thread enables a safe mount on standard 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 photographic screws.


UNC Tripod Base Adapter

An adapters to attach a whole Base Kit on large photographic tripods.
The UNC thread enables a safe mount on standard 3/8-16 photographic screws.


Hand Grip

An adapter to grip and hold multiple units by hand.
Used when shooting on the move, in environments where safe static mounting is not possible.


O-ring Application Tool

A small tool to help you correctly and reliably insert the O-rings that keep the stainless-steel Base caps in place.
If you have big hands, this will come in handy.


Cable Clip Holder

A small clip to keep Relio² cables clean and tidy.
It attaches on the standard 10mm squared rods. Useful when mounting multiple lamp modules on the same Base.


Custom Box Tray

An alternative holder for multiple units.
Engineered to fit into the original carrying box by pulling off its internal cardboard structure and replacing it with this multi-deck tray.


Custom Requests

We’re always open to new challenges.
If you need our expertise to develop new, customized accessories just for you, drop us a line.
We can't wait to help you out.

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User-submitted Accessories

Chances are you’re using Relio² for something that we had not anticipated.

We value your contribution, by giving you the source-code of our reference socket.
It's a valid starting point to build compatible add-ons.
Feel free to engineer your own accessory.

Generic Accessory Socket

An empty socket that provides a safe attachment to the main unit.
It's screw-mounted so the coupling is very robust.
Use this as a template for creating new accessories, by consulting the provided source-code.


Ready to submit yours?

We'll add your accessory to our Thingiverse® collection, along with your story.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Relio² kit?

Currently, Relio² is sold exclusively on this website.

Does it have an internal battery?

No. We want Relio² to withstand years and years of 24/7 use. An internal battery in such a small and powerful device would be able to power Relio² for just 15 minutes at full brightness, with a lifetime spanning no more than 6 months. Name - if you can - one product with an integrated, non-removable battery that’s still 100% funcional after years of use...

How do I power it up?

Via the external microUSB connector. Every USB outlet in the world capable of providing at least 1A of current is suitable.

Why does Relio² still have a microUSB plug instead of the newer USB-C?

The answer is simple: maximum cable length and cord flexibiity. USB-C is born to transport a lot of data channels, so the internal wire count is 4x more, making it very thick and more rigid. For the same reason, USB-C cables lenght is limited to 2m. In the Relio² Base Kit package, we include 1x 1.5m magnetic, nylon-braided microUSB cable and 1x premium, gold-plated, nylon-braided 3m microUSB cable from a premium brand.

Can I use USB-C to USB-A, or USB-C to microUSB adapters?

Yes, of course.

Is the magnetic cable user-replaceable?

Yes. Contact us for a suitable replacement.

What if I use Relio² a lot and some parts wear out?

We engineered all the Relio² parts subject to normal-use wear and tear to be of common availability. Contact us for suitable replacements.

Does it have a manufacturer warranty? What does it cover?

We offer 2 years of manufacturer warranty on our terms of use and warranty. Please consult our sales terms for details.

How much power does Relio² draw?

1A at 5V DC. Since it integrates a step-down buck converter capable of up to 15V DC, power consumption at higher voltages will be less.

Can I power it up with a car battery or other sources of electricity?

Yes. Every source ranging from 4 to 15V DC is suitable. Input lines are protected from overvoltage and reverse bias. For more info, please consult the manual or our technical specifications.

Is it water resistant?

Yes, moderately up to IP53. For more info, please consult the manual or our technical specifications.

How many units can be operated through the smartphone App?

On iOS, we successfully tested up to 16 devices. On Android, it varies depending on the platform (around 5 units). Please note that aggregate brightness control function is still in development.

Can I develop a custom Bluetooth BLE application?

Yes. You can refer to our BLE API documentation. Please note that developing commercial applications is not permitted unless an explicit consent is received by us. Please contact us for more info.

I need assistance and documentation on how to operate Relio² via an external, wired microcontroller like the Arduino®.

We will provide you with full documentation on how to operate Relio² through logic-level signals. Please contact us for more info.

I need assistance in determining how many Relio² kits I need for my work.

We can do digital simulations tailored to your environment. Drop us a message via the contact form.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, with some limitations in some remote areas. If you don't see your Country listed in the shipping form, please contact us.

You said that the LED will be upgradeable. How will you handle that?

This is a commitment and we will honour it in case the technology advances. All the future LED upgrades will be backwards-compatible, so you'll be able to ship your Relio² kits back to us for the upgrade, for a minimal servicing fee.

Can I disassemble the LED and eletronics by myself?

Yes, and it's rather easy to do, but the warranty will be voided.

I accidentally damaged something in my unit. Are spare parts available for sale?

Yes, depending on stock availability. Please contact us and we will help you.

Do you sell physical versions of your 3D-printable accessories?

Currently no, but we partnered with some local and international suppliers that will be able to 3D-print and ship them to you. Please contact us for more info.

I want to sell your 3D-printable accessories.

Yes, why not? We release all our accessories under the Creative Commons CC-BY-4.0 license, so you are free to do that. Please remember that you have to mention us on your sales page. Also, please note that we may also link to 3rd-party items, and they may not share the same license terms of our own accessories. Always check the license bundled with each accessory that you download.

I want to be a reseller of your product.

Sure. Drop us a message via the contact form.

I want to be the exclusive distributor of your product.

Maybe. Drop us a message via the contact form.