The first flashlight booster for smartphones.

Boosts your smartphone's flash and turns it into a real, powerful flashlight.
Now compatible with iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, X series.

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Stop being afraid of the dark!

A far-reaching beam is all you need to see things in a clearer way.

It's dark outside...

...and maybe you don't feel comfortable about moving around in the night.

“Who's there? I can't see you...”

Stick on Flens!

It will boost your smartphone's flashlight, and you will see farther away!

“Oh! Now I understand...”

Your smartphone's flash, made usable.

Up to 10x light multiplication

Flens magnetically attaches to the top of your smartphone's LED flashlight.

It narrows the emitted rays by 10X, generating a powerful, far-reaching light beam.

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Enhances low-light shots

With Flens, you can shoot photos and videos in complete darkness, up to 10 meters away.

It's so small that it doesn't interfere with the field of view of most devices' cameras.

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Broad compatibility

The broadest of all!

Flens is compatible with every flash-enabled Apple device, including the latest iPad Pro 9.7 and iPhone SE, even with original and third-party* covers.

It's also compatible with selected* Android and Windows Phone devices.

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A lens like no other

A specialised optical system extracts every bit of light from your smartphone's LED flash.

Lens is made of N-BK7 borosilicate glass, for scratch-resistance and optical transmission efficiency.

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Strong magnetic mount

A neodymium rare-earth magnet provides a super-strong connection to your device.

A small carbon-steel adhesive ring is applied around your LED flash to provide magnetic coupling.

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CNC-machined aluminum body

Sandblasted Anticorodal aluminum provides a durable, premium shell for the precious glass optic.

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Made in Italy

Flens is crafted with love in the hills of northern Italy.
It's a passion for excellence!

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A ten times brighter beam

Smartphones' flashes are unable to light up far away objects, because they cast a wide beam to evenly illuminate closer subjects.

Flens gathers these rays and generates a tighter, ten times brighter beam, able to light up subjects in total darkness up to 10 metres away.

Luminous flux chart

Tested on a Apple iPhone 6s Plus with LED flash turned on and Flens applied.

Improved shots at a distance

Flens makes smartphones capable of shooting photos and videos at great distances in the night.

Shots comparison

By shrinking the illuminated area, more light can enter the camera sensor, reducing ISO sensitivity and producing dramatically more defined shots.

Moreover, it's so small that it doesn't interfere with the field of view of most devices' cameras (you don't see Flens in your photographs).

Device compatibility

Flens is compatible with every flash-enabled Apple device, including the newer iPad Pro 9.7 and iPhone SE, even with original covers or third-party ones that honour the Case Design Guidelines for Apple Devices.

Android and Windows Phone compatibility diagram

Flens is compatible with many Android and Windows Phone devices, provided they have a flat, glossy back (not textured) and a flush (not protruding) round flash, whose dimensions and distances are as follows:

If you have any doubts, feel free to drop us a message.

Custom-made glass optics

We reverse-engineered common smartphones' flash emission patterns and developed a custom-shaped lens that achieves very high collimation efficiency.

A special kind of high-grade N-BK7 borosilicate crown glass is used, in order for it to be clear, smooth and virtually unscratchable.

How it attaches to your phone

Flens attaches on top of your phone's flash by a tiny neodymium magnet.

Since the back of most devices is non-ferromagnetic (plastic, aluminum), we provide a small carbon-steel adhesive washer to apply to your phone.

The washer is removable and is designed to blend into your smartphone's shape, to be virtually invisible and to not interfere with normal flash operation.

Only premium materials

Designed and assembled in Italy, the accessory is made of premium materials - aluminum, neodymium and a special kind of high-grade glass for the lens - and doesn't lack in design, to complement that premium feel that everyone craves.

At 12mm of width, it's so small it requires a special kind of CNC mill to be processed.

Each Flens is machined from a solid block of Anticorodal aluminum.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get one?

For the moment, Flens is distributed exclusively via Kickstarter. Regular commercial availability is planned for 2017.

Are there specific Flens versions for different mobile phones?

No, there's only one edition of Flens, and it comes with all the required accessories to be attached to every compatible device. General device compatibility is shown in this picture:

What's in the package?

The package contains 1x Flens, 1x lanyard, 1x manual + Certificate of Authenticity, 2x adhesive washers (one round for iPhone 6 style and generic smartphone round flashes, one oval for iPhone 5 style oval flashes).

Do you ship to my country?

We should be able to ship worldwide. If you live in a remote area, please contact us before purchasing.

Do the back magnets interfere with device's internal compass?

Flens magnets form a closed, confined magnetic field. From our lab and field tests, no.

How do you cope with dual-color flashlight that many modern smartphones have?

When operating in steady mode, no smartphone enables the second warmer LED, so you'll always get bright, white light. Luckily, the same seems to happen when you shoot at distance in the dark.

Is the round steel washer removable?


Is it compatible with my cover?

Flens is compatible with every flash-enabled Apple device, even with original or conforming covers. Covers that honour the Case Design Guidelines for Apple Devices should be 100% compatible with Flens. For non-Apple devices, with or without covers, please refer to the compatibility picture shown above.

I want to be a reseller of your product!

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I want to be the exclusive distributor of your product!

Maybe. Drop us a message via the contact form.

Fresh ideas from young minds

Love for industrial design, passion for details and excitement about life-improving products are the heritage of our families, culture, passions and jobs.

The DIY approach

We directly managed every step of product developement. Even this website is entirely designed and coded by us!

The heritage

In 2014 we developed and manufactured the first and only USB light with ultra-high Color Rendering Index (CRI). We called it “The Relio”.

We put Relio in a Kickstarter Campaign, raising more than £54000 in public pledges. Thanks to that, we put Relio into production, selling and successfully delivering thousands of units in just a few months.

Time to grow up... and shrink down!

Flens is the smaller, fresher newborn member of the family. It's a great improvement in terms of engineering and convenience, and it keeps alive the passion that fuelled all our past projects.