For MZD Connect® systems

Gives your MZD Connect equipped car the ability to fast-charge your mobile phone, by increasing charging current by 300%.

Makes your phone charge faster.

Up to 1.5A of charging current

The CMU Booster increases phone charging current by 300%, from the standard 0.45A to 1.5A max.

Your phone will finally charge at a way faster rate.

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2-in-1 design

It works by combining the power of both the stock USB ports, to create a more powerful, fast charging output USB outlet.

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Broad compatibility

The broadest of all!

The CMU Booster is compatible with every Gen-1* Mazda® vehicle equipped with MZD Connect multimedia system.

* CMU systems without the upgraded CarPlay or Android Auto USB ports

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As small as it needs to be

This tiny package embeds all the complex electronics required to gather and merge the power from both stock USB port, to create a single, high-power US charging port that retains the ability to communicate with MZD Connect system.

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Protected against misuse

The complex electronics inside this booster ensure that the USB ports of your car are not put at risk of being damaged.

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Made in Italy

This CMU Booster is engineered, manufactured and assembled in the hills of northern Italy.
It's a passion for excellence!

Now available

The CMU Booster is now ready for sale through specialised worldwide resellers.

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