how much do you know about light?


NEWS! We just launched Relio²!
relio - main product photo

The first professional, tiny light
with Sun-like color rendering.

The holy grail for film, photography,
light lovers and creative minds.

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always in search of light

Are you a pro?
Are you an enthusiast?

Yes, we know...
Light is never enough.

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modern caveman

What if you had a light you could fit in your pocket and attach on standard sockets?

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colorless still life

What if this light were especially engineered to render colors better
than anything alike?

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well.. we made a tiny, special light
To make you LOVE light. To make you LOVE light.
( and it’s superb for professionals )
relio - sun-like color rendering
color rendering

This is not a normal white light. The richness of its spectrum will give new life to your colors, and totally blow you away.

Relio emits ~200 lumens of warm, 92 CRI* white light.

For specific uses, colder 3500K and 4500K CCTs are available.

Thanks to perfect light extraction, you can reach ~20.000 lux at 30cm.

Ultra-low light ripple makes it perfect for high-FPS shooting (200+fps).

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relio - standard tripod camera mount relio - usb power wire
camera mount
relio - various camera mounts

Relio is an instrument that loves standards.

With a standard 1/4-20 UNC “camera mount” thread, you can attach it to your own equipment.

Relio is sold without any tripod or adapter. You choose your own.

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relio - powered by standard micro usb
powered via

Relio is powered via USB
by advanced electronics.

Forget internal batteries!
They don’t last all day.
They wear. They break. They are always empty (when you need them).

USB is everywhere*.
Connect Relio and you’re ready to go.
*computers, phone chargers, dock stations, TVs, HIFIs, ..
even mobile power packs, if you really need portability.

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Take colors seriously,
they really make the difference.
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relio - professional lenses 30°15°
relio - professional lenses (30°) 30°
relio - color gels mount mask
Studio- quality
beam shape

A light for perfectionists.

Two professional-grade TIR optics* extract light without artifacts. Color evenness is almost perfect, to meet demanding applications ((and eyes!) that need constant, perfect tint and brightness.

Included lenses are easily swappable.

relio - color gels mount mask

A PMMA clear mask is included, so you can use your color gels.
Thanks to the richness of spectrum, much light can pass through filters, even the deepest ones.

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relio - machined from solid aluminum block
All- Aluminum body

CNC machined from solid aluminum, sandblasted by hand.

Hard-anodization makes it sleek, robust and ultra durable.

PS: These are all real photographs!

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relio - made in italy by hand
Made in Italy
Including machining and
hand assembly.

One year of studies, engineering and testing went into Relio.

Developed, manufactured and assembled by us directly.

We know you are a geek.

We are too!

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